LOGICROOF V-RP is a premium quality PVC membrane, which is used for single-ply waterproofing of exposed flat roofs. It is fixed mechanically with hot air welding of overlaps.

LOGICROOF V-RP is a polyester reinforced multi-layer synthetic membrane produced by co-extrusion on a base of premium quality plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P). The top layer is featured by a very high resistance to weather factors and UV rays, while the bottom layer offers a high resistance to puncture. A variation with a non-slippery textured surface of the top layer LOGICROOF V-RP T is available.

Can be supplied in different colors: grey, white, red, green and blue. The LOGICROOF V-RP WHITE membrane is specially designed to reflect the sun (with an SRI of 102), thus reducing air-conditioning costs.

Product technical data

 Thickness, mm 1.2 1.5
1.8 2.0
 Tensile strength L/T, N/50 mm 1100 / 1000
 Elongation L/T, % ≥ 15
 Flexibility, ºС -30
 Length x width, m 25 x 2.1 / 1.6 / 1.05 20 x 2.1 15 x 2.1 15 x 2.1