LOGICBASE V-SL is a premium quality PVC membrane, which is used for waterproofing of tunnels, foundations, underground parts of buildings and structures. Sheets of the membrane are welded together with the hot air. On the walls and tunnel arches, the material is fixed mechanically with PVC rondels.

Yellow signal layer on the top surface of the material allows detecting waterproofing layer damage promptly and easily. The advantages of the material are durability, high strength and elasticity, resistance to mechanical impact and high chemical stability.

Product technical data

 Thickness, mm 1.5 2.0
 Tensile strength L/T, Mpa 16 / 15
 Elongation L/T, % ≥ 320
 Watertightness Pass (24h / 1 Mpa)
 Length x width, m 20 x 2.05 20 x 2.05