Roofing insulation

The high mechanical stress resistance of TECHNONICOL materials is ensured by the fiber properties and stone wool structure. These parameters are set individually for each type of TECHNONICOL material, depending on the insulation’s intended use. Stresses vary in strength, direction and duration in various structures. To preserve the form, thickness and safe fastening of the material to the structure, thermal insulation materials should have high dimensional stability. This property, in its turn, provides reliable and durable insulation without loss in quality with time.

TECHNONICOL not only produces materials, but also offers optimal turn-key solutions. They have already won a good reputation and have been popular for many years. One of the basic conditions for a reliable insulating system is compatibility of its materials. That is why our specialists together with the leading research institutes developed professional technical solutions – TECHNONICOL Construction Systems. The main criteria of the systems are components compatibility, structure durability and high quality. You can always choose an optimal ready-made solution and get qualified assistance on its assembly and installation.