Cold applied mastics

ROOFING MASTICS - Ready to use material suitable for repair works or for waterproofing of entire roofs and details. After drying, material forms highly strong and elastic covering, resistant to temperature changes, considerably increasing the service life of the protected surfaces.
WATERPROOFING MASTICS - Ready to use waterproofing solution combining elasticity, durability and economy. It is used for protection of engineering structures (basements, pipes and other elements of construction).
ATTACHING MASTICS - Ready to use fire free solution to the Pour and Roll application. Mastic is used in traditional built up waterproofing applications to adhere sand surfaced membranes to any types of substrates. Polymer-bitumen attaching mastic FIXER is designed to seal the laps of roofing shingles and other bitumen materials, the mastic can also be used to adhere bituminous membranes to masonry, metal, ceramic or any other surfaces.
PROTECTIVE COATING - is a protective compound consist of high quality bitumen, polymer modifiers, organic solvents and aluminum paste. Once applied in single coat, the aluminum compound reflects UV radiation and protects any surface from further UV destruction.