First shipment of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON to Chile

We are excited to share the news that in July this year the very first shipment of XPS TECHNONICOL was made to Latin America, specifically to Chile.
The effective work of the TN-International team allows us not only to significantly expand the geographic footprint of TECHNONICOL, but also to expand the product portfolio we supply to projects in different countries around the world.

TECHNONICOL waterproofing roofing materials (bitumen-polymer and PVC membranes) have already earned an excellent reputation in Latin America and are used in many industrial construction projects, our roofing and façade tiles are used in and for private housing construction projects. At the construction exhibition held in November - one of the largest in Latin America - the TN-International team presented a wide range of waterproofing and thermal insulation materials. This enabled us not only to increase the volumes of building materials already supplied in the region, but also to interest the visitors to the exhibition in new ones.

Arquitectura y especialidades Arquitectura y especialidades

The high quality of materials and the successful work of our trading partners in Chile, TRIGONO ROOFING TECHONOLOGIES, made it possible to lay a fully integrated solution of TECHNONICOL materials for waterproofing and thermal insulation on the roof of the new Technopark “Arquitectura y especialidades” in the city of Pudahuel, in Santiago province, Chile. To complete this project with an area of ​​more than 5.500 m2, a wide range of TECHNONICOL products will be used, including Ultraplast 4 mm Sandy, Ultraflex 3 mm and TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300.


The scale of the first delivery of XPS product to Chile is very impressive; 250 m3 of product, which is equivalent to four sea containers, were shipped to the project! This once again proves that the quality of TECHNONICOL materials commands confidence, and our developing logistics capabilities allow us to ship products to projects anywhere in the world.