TECHNONICOL activity in Finland

October 11, 2018 in Helsinki at the Russian Embassy in Finland was held an event organized by the Trade Representation of Russia in Finland. The guests of this event were business representatives of companies working in the country, leading development companies and retail chains. The conference featured such major exporters as TECHNONICOL, Knauf, Severstal.

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During the presentation, the representatives of TN-International were able to tell about the work in Finland in an interesting and fascinating way, because TECHNONICOL and the beautiful northern country are connected very much. For our company Finland became one of the first export markets when in 1998 the Vyborg plant became a pioneer in foreign supplies and thus "opened a window to Europe". It should also be mentioned that the plant itself once belonged to the territory of Finland and 100 years ago was called “Tienhaaran Kattohuopateollisuus Oy”.

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This conference was not only a platform for the presentation of companies, but also became an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of Finnish business and establish new useful contacts.