Since 2015 the exhibition in Santiago inspires technology development in the construction industry of Latin America and gathers leading professionals in construction, mining and forestry. The exhibition was of great interest for our Company since Chile demonstrated increasing rates of construction and investment in development of residential sector.
According to the Monthly Index of Construction Activity (IMACON), at the end of 2018 Chilean construction rate has increased by 29%. Sales of real estate in private sector of Santiago grew by 14%, according to the information of the construction industry. The aim of participation was, first, to introduce TECHNONICOL Corporation as a manufacturer of the materials, which are already being successfully sold in Latin America.

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The stand of the Company presented all the products and brands of TN-International that are being supplied to Chile. Customers oriented on civil and industrial construction were offered an assortment of bitumen-polymer roll materials produced by the plants in Vyborg and Italy (Italiana Membrane), which export the products all over the world. Polymer membranes by the plant in Ryazan’ and Imper, Italy were also displayed. Of the most interest were roofing shingles SHINGLAS (3TAB) by MIDA LT, Lithuania, which is due to the roofing traditions and, of course, the high quality of the materials. The design of the stand enabled for convenient presentation of the information on the Company and its products. Moreover, the visitors had an opportunity to receive samples and information booklets as well as get acquainted with the final product with the help of the real rolls of the materials and stands with shingles.

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During the past 4 days of the exhibition, the stand of the TECHNONICOL Corporation was visited by many specialists in construction and project design. Among the guests there were private customers as well as representatives of large companies, suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials from Chile and neighboring regions of Latin America. It is important to mention that due to high competence of the representatives of TN-International some visitors of the stand expressed interest in XPS and PIR thermal insulation materials, which probably might result in a wider product portfolio of export to Chile.
We are sure that participation in exhibitions in new regions will help the Corporation to significantly widen the regions of exposure and create an image of TECHNONICOL as a manufacturer of a wide range of waterproof and thermal insulation materials that meet the requirements of the construction industry of different countries.