TECHNONICOL Took a Leap into the Future with BIM Solutions

Modern building design requires extensive engineering expertise, and the required technical and legal knowledge is so profound that no single profession in the building sector can cover it and be responsible for all building-related information.

Traditional approach to decision making process, based on the knowledge and experience of designers and architects, regulations and accumulated data, is changing. Building Information Modelling (BIM) – is a new tool that provides a space where architects, engineers, manufacturers and other stakeholders can work together. This tool facilitates design process, estimates cost-effectiveness of solutions and helps to prevent possible errors, thus all in all reducing the time spent designing and constructing buildings. This working method is the key to an effective and accurate design and construction process.

BIM acts as a system that ensures integrity of all created data and creates a co-working space for manufacturers, architects, engineers, construction companies and building owners.

TECHNONICOL is a recognised manufacturer of waterproofing and thermal insulation materials, which produces construction materials and delivers system solutions for comprehensive and energy-saving protection from the foundation to the roof. Material compatibility is one key component in achieving a reliable insulation system. 

TECHNONICOL has been on the market as a manufacturer for a long time and gradually became the industry leader it was destined to be. Now it is one of the first companies to enter the world of digital solutions by offering extensive experience and professional solutions with modern technologies.

The Goal of Digitalization of TECHNONICOL Roofing Systems - to Provide Our Users with Systematized and User-Friendly Data.
TECHNONICOL has successfully implemented BIM solutions - our users now can download digital files of insulation systems from the company's website and use it in their projects. Roofing models in Archicad and Autodesk Revit are available. Based on many years of experience, the most reliable and commonly designed roofing systems were selected and provided as roof models.
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Solutions include the following information: system title and description, fragment of a model with designated layers, a list of recommended materials that make up the system as well as a list of alternative materials for use. Switching to 3D model displays a complete model of roofing system with a set of parameters, easily identifiable materials and listed physical properties. All you have to do is copy a roof model and paste it into your project.

BIM Libraries - a Powerful Tool for Architects
Digital data in the form of BIM objects is usually stored in BIM libraries. These libraries are an integral part of modern architect’s routine as all kinds of real-world building components can be easily accessed from a user-friendly Cloud. This allows architects to design buildings with predefined parameters and components, thus reducing the workload and time required to accomplish tasks.

When selecting public libraries for publishing of digital product catalogues, it is important to evaluate the number of users and products in each library, analytics and functionality as well as the ability to integrate individual components into systems. TECHNONICOL decided to publish product catalogues in the largest BIM content marketplace – BIMobject. With 1.5 million professional users it generates 380 million product views, 45 million downloads per year and 14 million contacts. BIMobject users can download and install product catalogues provided by most of the major manufacturers.

Autodesk Revit Plug-in for Automation of TECHNONICOL Solutions
TECHNONICOL developed a plug-in for Autodesk Revit, to enable easier access to its wide range of products. When insulation and waterproofing materials must be equipped with other roofing components, the user can effortlessly complete even the most complex projects by selecting products from catalogues, including typical assemblies, and automatically create slopes based on real manufacturer's products. 

Plug-in for Autodesk Revit developed by TECHNONICOL includes material and systems libraries and a catalogue of drawings. Designer can download standard assemblies containing each item and upload them directly to his project as well as add information to check-lists. Plug-in comes with an additional feature - automated tags that make it easy to create a complete list of materials used. The user may edit an existing construction by adding alternative materials and changing thickness, or may create his own design.

Download the Plug-in from the TECHNONICOL website.