Record investment in the history of Lithuania with TECHNONICOL materials

VMG Group the leading group of wood processing and furniture industry in the Baltic States, has completed the construction of a chipboard plant in the free economic zone Akmenė. The new plant fully complies with national and international environmental standards.

«Sustainable investment is a strategic direction of the VMG Group: a new plant in Akmenė has emerged as one of the VMG Group's strategic investment projects. This is a record greenfield investment in Lithuania and one of the most powerful factories in Europe, the value of which will be reflected in Lithuania's economic indicators in the long terms», says the company's representative Gerda Šešplaukytė.

20200826_095522_P8266071-768x576.jpg 20200820_070211_DJI_0136-768x575.jpg

For the implementation of an exclusive and one of the largest production facilities in Lithuania (with a roof area of 56.000 m2) the most modern construction solutions and materials were applied. For reliable waterproofing of the roof polymer-bitumen membranes MIDA UNIFLEKS PV S4b and MIDA UNIFLEKS PVS3s (lower and upper layers, respectively) were used. These materials can provide a long service life of the roof and ensure the reliability and durability of the structure in general.

To ensure reliable protection against moisture penetration into the roof structure, an unconventional solution for Lithuania was chosen - TECHNOELAST VB500 SELF bitumen self-adhesive vapor barrier membrane. The use of this membrane made it possible to significantly reduce the costs of the project, due to the absence of the need to use an additional layer of stone wool, and reduce the time for roofing system implementation.

TECHNONICOL materials were used not only for roofing. Extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300 was used for floor installation in places where there will be heavy loads.

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It should be mentioned that the plant’s facility will be expanded. At the moment, the columns of the new workshop (30.000 m2) have already been installed, and of course, the roof and internal premises of the new workshop will be reliably protected with TECHNONICOL materials.