Smart City projects in Lithuania

The Company TECHNONICOL has been cooperating with young specialists working in the fields of architecture, construction and civil engineering for the five years in a row by supporting the concept of future city development. The objective of “Smart City” project is to create a concept of the city which would be attractive to live in by involving those students from higher education institutions in the creative process, whose proposed ideas have a potential to turn into the actual, implemented works.

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The “Smart City” is one of the most innovative national projects in Lithuania that not only unites various municipalities, students from higher education institutions and representatives from private and public sectors, but also decides upon the fate of the most problematic public spaces of the country.

During those 5 years since the beginning of the competition, 23 municipalities of Lithuania, 7 higher education institutions and 400 students participated in the “Smart City” project, who provided their 65 created projects. According to organisers, this year, the most active participants were the undergraduates, who presented their final works. In order to reveal specifics of the “Smart City”, the participants had to associate their ideas with the principles of sustainable development and smart city.

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The competent international commission, consisting of the famous architects, urban design specialists, university lecturers and representatives of construction market and municipalities, selected the top five teams of the “Smart City” project, who had to defend their works before the awards. The presented projects have been assessed in separate categories based on the given topics. A winner in each category was selected, who distinguished from other participants by the original ideas, high-quality of performed work and soundness of solution.

Therefore, we would like to wish all the project participants the best of luck in their professional life and the abundance of creative and brave ideas during the creation process of sustainable and smart cities of the future!

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