Roofing Fashion - Shingles Collection 2020

Every year we choose the most popular shingles roof from our collection. This year is no exception and we are happy to introduce the most popular collections.

color_2020_BG.JPG color_2020_LT.JPG color_2020_CZ.JPG

It's fair to say that "Country, Michigan" is our overall winner in 2020 being No1 choice in 3 countries.

color_2020_PL.JPG color_2020_EE.JPG color_2020_LV.JPG

We would like to add that bitumen shingles do not fade, they are resistant to harmful environmental impacts, decay, corrosion, fire damage, and, what is very important, they perform well in extreme temperatures.

color_2020_RO.JPG color_2020_SK.JPG color_2020_UK.JPG