Better living with TECHNONICOL materials

The River Park residential complex, Sofia, Bulgaria, has chosen TECHNONICOL as its supplier of materials for their foundation waterproofing. River Park is a 'next generation' residential project that aims to bring nature into everyday life without depriving its residents of urban amenities. One of River Park's biggest advantages is its inspirational location - a large green area at the foot of Vitosha Mountain which overlooks the city and boasts a splendid view of the mountains. River Park's vision - “living in nature” is expressed in the creation of a cosy and harmonious living environment 20 minutes from the city and at the foot of the mountain.

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In the new residential complex consideration is given to the smallest detail. The internal infrastructure is designed to ensure maximum safety, tranquillity and space, and only the highest quality materials are used for the construction of the houses. TECHNONICOL's high-quality polymer-bitumen membranes, which will be applied in 2 layers, has been selected to provide reliable waterproofing of the foundations for the entire structure

The project, of 352 modern houses (which will be implemented in 3 stages), was prepared by the largest architectural firm in Bulgaria - Ivo Petrov Architects. During the first stage of construction, 8.000 m2 of MIDA BASE PV S4 polymer-bitumen membranes will be used on the project and once the construction of the entire residential complex has been completed 50.000 m2 of MIDA BASE PV S4 polymer-bitumen membranes will have been shipped.

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“We want to build houses that will become your homes. The River Park project is intended for those who want to settle in the complex and create their dream home there. Our goal is to create a suitable environment for quality and harmonious lifestyle. ” - Ivo Petrov, Chief Project Architect.

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