Investors in large scale projects in Romania choose TECHNONICOL for its potential and capabilities

The construction of modern and energy-efficient storage facilities of the CTPark Bucharest West business park, located not far from the capital of Romania, is nearing completion. The BUW-17 building is located 10 km from the western entrance to Bucharest and is an ideal location for e-commerce logistics operators looking for the perfect site to serve the capital and its growing population.

​​​​​​​CTP is a comprehensive commercial real estate developer that builds high-tech business parks throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Their developments, in particular warehouse complexes, not only meet the latest demands for energy efficiency and manufacturability but also guarantee the safety of stored products through the use of the highest quality and most reliable building materials. One of the mandatory requirements for building materials is non-combustibility, to ensure the fire safety of the entire warehouse complex.

 CTPark Bucharest West - BUW 17  CTPark Bucharest West - BUW 17

For this project, the roofing system traditional for Romania was chosen with the use of stone wool (thermal insulation) and PVC membrane (waterproofing). To ensure the durability of this design solution, TECHNONICOL materials were selected that fully comply with the exacting requirements for reliability and non-combustibility.

​​​​​​​TECHNONICOL stone wool is non-combustible and, in the case of fire, prevents its spread, protecting building structures from deformation and destruction. The high-quality LOGICROOF PVC membrane protects the roof from moisture and gives the entire coating additional fire protection due to its special fire retardants. Two layers of TECHNONICOL stone wool (80.000 m2 - TECHNOROOF N30 and 80.000 m2 - TECHNOROOF V70) and a waterproofing layer (LOGICROOF V-RP 1.2 mm PVC membrane - 94.000 m2) were used at the construction of the complex.

 CTPark-3.jpg  CTPark Bucharest West - BUW 17

Given the scale of the project and the high specifications for the execution of work, the investor employed Ness Proiect Europe’s specialists to construct BUW-17. Founded in 2010, Ness Proiect Europe is actively involved in projects in the Romanian construction market and has earned an excellent reputation due to the quality of work performed and the ability to complete complex projects to agreed budgets and deadlines. We are confident that their knowledge, experience and responsible approach to each project will ensure the long life of the new CTPark Bucharest West development.

The selection of TECHNONICOL materials for such a large-scale project was made possible thanks to the successful and efficient efforts of Rikko Steel. Over the years, this company has been one of TECHNONICOL’s best partners in Romania. Rikko Steel has wide experience and high professionalism, uses our materials in projects of increased complexity and a high level of responsibility.

Special mention is given to the stone wool factory in Cherkasy (Ukraine) for its bespoke approach to each request within the framework of such a large-scale project. The plant ensured a stable and prompt supply of stone wool, whilst fully maintaining the high quality of the products.

​​​​​​​The advantages of TECHNONICOL materials, as well as the competencies of, and efficient work from, all project participants, made it possible to realise the wishes and satisfy requirements of the investor in the large-scale facility.