MIDA support for mothers

The mothers raising children with disabilities carry their burden silently and with dignity, which often remains unrecognized and ignored by others. The statistical data reveal that families raising children with disabilities experience more stress and anxiety. The daily routine soaks up the energy from the parents like a sponge, which, in turn, affects the family microclimate in many negative ways.

Taking a breather and getting away from the oppressive surroundings is vital to each member of a family and especially to a mother raising a child with physical disability or mental impairment. Quality rest results in a boost of energy to take care of oneself, one’s family and children. Most often, mothers of children with disabilities have no possibilities to work and instead dedicate all their time to the care of the family member with special needs. The downside of this is them not getting any vacation. In case of single mothers, finding the time for some respite and reprieve becomes a great problem.

Mida LT UAB, a company belonging to the TECHNONICOL Corporation, decided to support the mothers raising children with disabilities in Klaipėda County by gifting them a possibility to get away and simply relax. As soon as quarantine comes to an end and the operation of the wellness centers is no longer restricted, these mothers will be able to book a two-day stay at a SPA resort and enjoy all the pleasures it can offer. The date of the event will be scheduled taking into consideration the restrictions applying during the quarantine. The estimated number of participants is 15 mothers.

The recreation program encompasses a variety of premium quality therapeutic procedures and other activities to pamper both the body and the spirit, such as tours, excursions, tastings, gourmet dinners with recipe presentations, artistic workshops, therapeutic sessions with a psychologist, strolls, mediation and relaxation. By all means, sauna, pool and other delightful activities are included as well.


According to A. Jakas, the CEO of Mida LT, “The goal of this charity project is to offer a little break to fatigued mothers of disabled children. We want them to feel our support and to know that we are there for them, that we care and we understand the significance of their daily deeds which they achieve by simply being themselves. This is but a small portion of the support that everyone who takes care of their disabled family members deserves”.

TECHNONICOL gives its best regards to the mothers of children with disabilities and wishes them to have an unforgettable recreation time, get a well-deserved rest and restore the energy so that they could continue achieving a great many things every day, for many days to come. After all, the better the mother feels, the better wellbeing of her beloved child.