LOGICROOF PVC membranes have successfully passed the tests according to ASTM Standards at the independent Kiwa Research Institute

TECHNONICOL Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of reliable and efficient building materials and systems, has been operating in the construction market for over 25 years and always adheres to its obligations. The high quality of products is confirmed by leading international laboratories in different countries of the world, which allows us to work on the representation of the company's products in both Russian and foreign markets.

LOGICROOF synthetic membrane is one of the products with steadily developing export volume. New countries are constantly being added to the geography of deliveries. It is important for customers all over the world to know that they are purchasing quality materials. LOGICROOF PVC membranes already have confirmation of quality according to Russian (GOST), European (EN) and even Chinese (GB) standards. But a number of countries, including India, Singapore, countries of Latin America and others, rely on American standards (ASTM).

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To develop sales in new regions, LOGICROOF PVC membranes were tested according to ASTM standards at the independent Kiwa Research Institute (Netherlands). ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international organization that develops and publishes optional standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Among its members, there are more than 32 thousand representatives of manufacturers, users, direct consumers, governments and academics in more than 100 countries.

During tests according to ASTM standards, LOGICROOF membranes were evaluated according to all the main characteristics important for roofing – the material thickness, elongation, tensile strength, weld strength, change in linear dimensions, and water absorption were studied. The LOGICROOF membrane showed excellent results and compliance with American quality standards in respect of all parameters.

"The products of TECHNONICOL Corporation are now being sold at 95 countries around the world. The quality of the company's materials has already been recognized on 5 continents in a variety of climatic conditions. We are interested in the further development of exports, modern polymer membranes included," says Evgeniy Spiryakov, Operations Director of TECHNONICOL Synthetic membranes and PIR Department. LOGICROOF membranes meet the strictest standards accepted both in Russia and in the EU. Now the high quality of membranes has been confirmed by ASTM standards.”