"Head in the Clouds" - when dreams become a project

New “dreamy” project of a Children‘s house „Lieblingsplatz“ with GEORG BÖRNER materials. We congratulate the GEORG BÖRNER team on the successful implementation of such an amazing project!

The Architectural design plan of the children’s house „Lieblingsplatz“ – Project was executed in the Year 2018 and developed by Architects of the Architectural Office Graf based in Burgthann by Nuremberg.

Children‘s house "Lieblingsplatz" Children‘s house "Lieblingsplatz"

The amazing feature of this masterpiece of architectural work is that it consists of five single buildings covered by a wooden roof construction in the shape of a “cloud”. This is a quite comfortable solution for providing cover between buildings and covered play areas for the children to play under the roof in the fresh-air no matter the weather. The “clouds” roof surface covered with an extensive green roof layer includes sustainable high-quality products that highlight the environmental engagement and economic aspects of the construction project.

Children‘s house "Lieblingsplatz" Children‘s house "Lieblingsplatz"

The roof area (864 m² of gravel and 450 m² green roofing) is made of high-quality root resistant polymer-bitumen membranes of GEORG BÖRNER. In close collaboration, GEORG BÖRNER counselled, planned and tendered the project while the roofing company Görl based in Hollfeld implemented the architectural work.