Good Deeds - the best way to celebrate birthday!

The TECHNONICOL Good Deeds Marathon, dedicated to the company's birthday, continues.

On September 11-13, more than 40 divers with various disabilities met on a unique European-scale swimming platform in Plotki (Poland). During the event, many of the participants, under the guidance of qualified instructors, improved their qualifications.

Organizations that supported our idea from the organizational side were invited to the event. First of all, the “Polska Bez Barrier” Foundation (Poland Without Barriers), which with great efficiency helps to implement unusual and socially significant projects and has been cooperating with TECHNONICOL for many years. It should also be emphasized that the organization of such a unique event became possible only thanks to the well-coordinated cooperation of many organizations and associations.

TECHNONICOL Good Deeds Marathon TECHNONICOL Good Deeds Marathon

It is customary to say that all restrictions are only in our heads, but this is not at all true. Inaccessible infrastructure and inadequate resources restrict both daily activities and equal access to sports. Therefore, it is necessary to speak out loud about how valuable cooperation between business and non-governmental organizations. It is also worth paying special attention to places such as the HSA diving base with a specially adapted platform, thanks to which people with disabilities can swim safely and comfortably. Synergy, support and trained staff create a sense of safety and raise big smiles.

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It should be emphasized that such meetings are also an opportunity for integration, exchange of experience and a chance to look at the world from a different point of view.