TECHNONICOL professionals held a training on working with roofing materials in Norway

The key factor for the success of TECHNONICOL on the export market is the development of innovative products and material adaptation to different countries’ application conditions and climatic peculiarities. For instance, wide range of operation temperatures allows exporting synthetic membranes and polymer-bitumen materials to more than 30 countries of the world, including Norway.

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The training, organized for Scandinavian contractors, was focused on synthetic membranes, as well as bitumen materials promotion. Due to the fact that TECHNONICOL bitumen membranes have been successfully applied in Scandinavian countries for more than 15 years, this part of the training was theoretical, as Norwegian contractors are possessing good skills in material building-up, that is why innovative bitumen products and solutions for reliable roof waterproofing were mostly discussed during the training.
Norway makes for a new and extremely perspective market for the TECHNONICOL synthetic membranes, so training in this waterproofing type was made of theoretical and practical parts, where the emphasis was placed mainly on practice. “Familiarization” with the bitumen membranes included the presentation of their characteristics and advantages, as well as the introduction of complex solutions for roof waterproofing in both industrial and private buildings.

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Some special attention was given to the issues of roof reconstruction, assembling and operation. During the course of practice, TECHNONICOL professionals held training in LOGICROOF assembling, using special automatic equipment. Also considerable attention was given to abutting joints, as minor defects in roofing elements could have serious effect on its entire life cycle in the course of time.
“The weather is really harsh in the northern regions of our kingdom, the glaciers are not melting here even in summer. It is extremely important to us that LOGICROOF materials are produced according to special technology, thanks to which membranes stay flexible and resilient even at low temperatures, allowing us to assemble the roofs at -25 °С. We observe a great perspective for polymer membranes development on the Norwegian market, which is why there is a demand for trainings on working with the materials”, said Kharon Pugaev, the Director of the "Nygård tak as" contracting organization.

TECHNONICOL professionals had commented on Norwegian contractors’ highly developed skills and the thoroughness of their approach to work. Practical training of contractors is a good reason to talk about new materials for the market in a simple and comprehensible language for any country – the international language of skill. It is an opportunity to demonstrate real work with materials and to dispel any client’s doubts about the product that is new for them. It is an excellent opportunity to reach a greater number of construction sites with the offer of high-quality and profitable solutions.

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